I started WMB in Fall 2020 - I had wanted to make dice bags for my D&D party for the holidays, and the interest I received inspired me to start creating for the masses!

I have been sewing for what feels like my whole life - while I was taught by my mother and grandmother, my interest really blossomed through my experiences working in costume shops for theaters. Combining my love of sewing with my love of improv and RPG games made WMB feel like a natural progression of my passions.

Every product you see is made entirely by me, from my little in-home studio located in central Ohio, and is photographed and shipped out by myself and my partner.

If you have any ideas or requests for custom creations, please don't hesitate to message me - I love making people's ideas come to life.

I hope you enjoy the bags, trays, pillows, and more!
Feel free to follow me on Instagram for information about the process, more pictures and in-progress works, sales, and giveaways! @wildmagicbags

-Adrienne (Wild Magic Bags)

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